Company Profile

We are LDR AGROFARMS PVT LTD. in Agricultarl products. The Company was established in 2018 in FARIDABAD (HR.), for the purpose of providing services and soluons related to agriculture seeds development. Our company has aained a leading posion in the seeds producon industry with well-known brands across the globe.

Our enterprise was founded on the philosophy of providing unparalleled services to the clients with a clear focus on opmizing our clients' return on investment. The company was provide “Best Quality Seeds, Service and Technology “to the farming community. The company is engaged in the business Research, Producon and Markeng of vegetable seeds, in India as well as engaged in Export - Import Business. The company has already established its Research and Development Farm at Bangalore and Faridabad (Haryana) .The Producon Centers of the company are located in the States of Karnataka, Rajasthan, U P, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. There is a great demand of our products in the market and you can get tremendous response out of our products having excellent quality contents and aracve packing of internaonal standards which shall definitely create repeat demand in your territory. Our seeds products are more suitable to the persons leading modern life style, more mental work and fast life.

Quality Standards


Seeds Refining

This is the very first step to meet our quality standards is to refine the seeds based on their variety, texture and other standard means.


Quality Seeds Selection

Quality Selection is the second step of standard procedure based on physical structure and growing genes of Seeds based on other means of selection.


Standard Packaging Supply

Standard Packaging of Seeds is the last step of our quality standard and we supply it to our distributors across India.